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“This is where your brand is born. Where creativity, attention to detail and experience come together.”

A strong brand is built inside-out. It shows the world who you are and what you care about. I firmly believe that what you stand for is equally important as what you sell. With my studio, I’ll guide you in the process of defining and designing your identity. What do you believe in? How can people rely on you? How do you deal with employees, partners and customers? 

With a hand-picked team of specialists, I’ll translate these core truths into a strong and authentic brand. This is what the process looks like: 

1. Create a team

The best specialists for the job

Based on your situation, question and needs, I’ll select a team of specialists. From brand to business strategists, from designers to developers, you can trust me to find the best people for the job.

2. Develop a strategy

A brand framework that’s true to you

A good brand design is based on solid choices. Together with essential stakeholders in your organization, we’ll go on a strategic journey to unearth your brand story. 

3. Design your brand 

Visualize the soul of your organization

The design stage is where the magic happens. In a few clear steps, we’ll design a unique brand, consisting of a logo, distinctive colors and typography, a visual language and guidelines for motion, photography, illustrations and tone of voice.

4. Bring it to life 

The right assets to help your brand bloom 

We’ll help you (re)introduce your brand via all relevant communication channels. We can do this in collaboration with your internal team or by expanding the team with external specialists. Trust us to do whatever it takes to make the most of any asset.

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Research & Insights
Brand Audit
Growth strategy
Brand strategy
Brand Narrative
Brand naming

Brand Design
Logo design
Design Testing
System Guidelines
UX/UI Design

Creative direction
Digital & Motion design
Content creation
Brand collateral

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Clients: Government Lucht Verkeersleiding Nederland, Rijkswaterstaat Industrial Nefit, Royal Boskalis Finance Visa Card, Ing, Rabobank It & Telecom Vodafone, Hewlett Packard, Kpn Non Profit Federatie Filmbelangen, Sos-kinderdorpen, Kunstenaars&co, Plan Nederland Services Transavia, Connexxion Fast Moving Consumer Goods Philips, Friesland-coberco Urban Development Heijmans-ibc Entertainment Theater Utrecht, Paul de Leeuw Sports KNMV, KNLTB, Gaul, Basic Fit