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Zilveren Kruis


At the end of 2018 I became part of the in-house brand team of Zilveren Kruis - the biggest health insurer of the Netherlands. The team included internal- and external professionals, such as digital designers, strategists, project managers, copywriters and consultants. Throughout 2019, we worked on the repositioning and rebranding of Zilveren Kruis, reporting directly to management and the board.

My Work

As a Designdirector I was responsible for the visual identity. I guided teams during the implementation and I selected and guided digital designers, illustrators, photographers and the like.


The image of what Zilveren Kruis used to be: a blue business organization, has been translated into what Zilveren Kruis really is: a warm group of people with care for others. The new positioning, which is about the overall picture of your health, has been translated into a new look 'n feel that was perceived as very positive in tests and generated more sympathy than before.

Zilveren Kruis

Together with:
Anouk Buisman

Suzanne Karsters

Sjoerd Verbeek

What we did:
Branding & Identity


"You really made us stand out"