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Minkowski is a recently founded agency that provides businesses with intelligent insights about the future. They asked us to create something really creative and exclusive for their new brand.


Hermann Minkowski is perhaps best known for being one of Albert Einstein’s teachers and for his distinctive moustache and glasses. We took the two elements that gave Minkowski his striking appearance, made the association with his capacity to see what others couldn’t, and created something that conveyed the agency’s expertise. The concept: 'The future through the eyes of Minkowski'.


Our goal was to create an identity that would set the brand apart from its competitors and position Minkowski as an authority on future-related insights. We delivered one with enough visual impact to catch and hold the attention of the brand’s audience: product development managers and CEOs in search of strategic partners.


What we did:
Brand strategy, Identity, Illustration

"An identity that would set us apart from our competitors!"