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Dutch Chamber of Commerce


In 2014, thirteen regional chambers of commerce, the association KVK and Syntens merged into one nationally operating organization that had the task of reaching more entrepreneurs with 35 to 40% less costs. The new KVK now reaches more entrepreneurs and they are more satisfied with its services. Time to adapt the twenty year old house style to the new way of working.


In 2017 The Dutch Chamber of Commerce asked us to fix that job. KVK wants to present itself more emphatically as a service provider. We created a design language that's derived from the logo. The overlapping shape elements symbolize 'connection', in line with the role of connector that KVK wants to play for entrepreneurs. The use of color is fresh and energetic and fits in with the new values that the KVK wants to breathe.


KVK renews its style in phases. The digital channels can be adjusted relatively quickly. But because a lot of paper is still being used, it was deliberately chosen to gradually implement the change. So the renewal is better organized and the costs are lower.


Lucas Göbel

What we did:
Branding & Identity



 - Studio Ralph Booms
 - Studio Ralph Booms

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