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Named for their hero, Charly Gaul - a champion cyclist from the 1950’s who was known for riding his best in cold, wet weather, the Gaul Cycling team combines their passion to cycle with their commitment to the suffering of children of war. The team raises awareness and money for the organization War Child. Gaul asked us to come up with a brand identity that really could stand out in the world of cycling.


We brought Gaul back to life by creating an autograph for their brandmark. And we came up with a rather unusual color palette for their clothing line which is copied several times after the introduction in 2006.


Their outfit is well recognised in the cycling society. Gaul has now almost 400 cyclist members and several events every year. In 2015 they raised €28.032,- for WarChild.

Gaul Cycling

Several Photographers

What we did:
Branding & Clothing line


Gaul Cycling - Studio Ralph Booms

"Simplicity is the key to excellence"

Gaul Cycling - Studio Ralph Booms
Gaul Cycling - Studio Ralph Booms