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​Rebranding? Create your own in-house team!

In-house creative teams are becoming more and more common in daily business life. Teams composed of own employees, strengthened by outside experts. Teams, providing the proper mix of skills and experience needed for temporary – and often digital – projects. Apps, websites and the like…

So how about (re)-branding? The same principle applies here. Although external agencies can mean a lot for your organization, nothing beats an in-house creative team. True or not true? Consider this:

  • Composing an in-house creative team puts you in charge. You decide which employees best fit the culture of your company. You strengthen them by hiring only those specialists you really need. Thus avoiding unnecessary overhead.
  • An in-house creative team is embedded in the company’s culture. It has more feeling with the brand, the products and the internal processes than any external agency. What’s more important than that?
  • Working inside out means more control over your budget and thus working more cost-effectively. In addition, allocated effort is more transparent.
  • Working with in-house teams also guarantees short communication lines with important departments, such as HR and Online. So in addition to efficiency, you create more involvement and support from your employees.
  • Short communication lines also involve management. They allow you to quickly determine the right direction together and adjust where necessary.
  • Last but not least: a strong brand is built from the inside out. A temporary in-house branding team works from the core and creates a brand your employees – and more important – your target groups are likely to be proud of.

Personally, I consider the last point to be the biggest advantage. An internal team continues to push boundaries and continues to push colleagues to do a great job.

Of course you have to make sure that your in-house – team – complemented by external experts – stays focused and avoids being absorbed by ‘business life as usual’. But in my humble opinion, hiring external experts means adding a good dose of entrepreneurial spirit. And isn’t that exactly what you want?

Re-branding from the inside out: food for thought. Looking for an expert opinion? Just send me a message or call +31 (0)6 14 44 11 83.