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A waste of time and money

A new year, a fresh start. A bit of dieting to get back in shape. And a good time to examine your brand anew. Because when competition is as fierce as it is today, brand consistency becomes crucial. Across all platforms.

My work brings me in close contact with a variety of organisations, and I sometimes wonder why it is that some are able to project a unified image consistently while others never seem to manage it. I also wonder how much time and money is wasted as a result of:

  • employees being oblivious to the brand's vision
  • the resulting poor briefs to third parties
  • the ineffectiveness of the outcome of these briefings in conveying the right message

I’m not trying to play brand judge and jury here, but it seems obvious to me that in addition to wasting time and money, these organisations are also hurting their brand by failing to engage their audience with clarity and coherence.

How do we resolve this?

It starts, of course, with having and conveying a clear brand vision, one that is understood and supported within the organization, and, as a result, conveyed in a consistent manner by everyone.

But you can’t define your vision as “delivering the best quality”, for instance, and then turn around and ask a cousin to devise your online strategy because he claims to know something about it and can fit it in over the weekend. That’s just a different route to ending up with an ill-defined brand. Which of course is the last thing you want.

So ... protect your brand!

Or better yet: call in a professional. Someone to cast a critical eye over your brand and offer fresh ideas about what to do differently, such that you unlock your brand’s potential and show your audience exactly who you are and what you stand for.

Interested? Just send me a message or call +31 (0)6 14 44 11 83.