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The 7 benefits of a brand-driven organization

Why is the positioning of your brand important? And what exactly is a ‘brand’? Is that my logo? My website? The colour of my carpet?

Your brand begins with the direction you set for your business and how you want people to experience your company - from suppliers to customers, to your employees. So it’s actually all about the identity of your company. By selecting your identity, you choose how you want your brand to be perceived. So it’s your brand’s identity. But why is it important?

The 7 benefits of a brand-driven organization:

1 - Your employees and stakeholders will understand what your company stands for and will therefore feel more connected to it.

2 - They’ll be able to share the story about your business, product or service in a much clearer way.

3 - It gives your business a long-term direction because you have defined goals that are clear to everyone.

4 - It also gives you guidance for new product developments or marketing and communications, because you already have sharp insights established in your brand’s positioning.

5 - It allows your business to stand out more from the competition

6 - and that gives you a consistent and recognizable position in the market.

7 - Last but not least: In less busy times your brand identity will help you stand firmly on the ground.

But how do you (re)discover the identity of your business? And how do you ensure that everyone will convey the same values from your brand? What is the difference between your identity and your image? And how do I position myself relative to my competitors?

Our studio works with business strategists, and with brand and design strategists to help your organization excel in all these areas.

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